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    JoaquinCloset (@JoaquinCloset)

    The key to dealing with Putin is simply economic. However, standard sanctions won’t do the job completely. We must demand of our NATO partners to coalesce into a force to put such sanctions in place, without worrying whether Put will stifle the flow of oil and NG into these countries.

    Secondly, we have to delist the ruble on the worlds currency markets which, ironically, led to the downfall of the USSR 25 years ago.

    Military action is just off the table, period. We must stop being the world’s policeman and allow cultures and governing systems to play themselves out. The prime premise of Cold War diplomacy was the cessation or control of the spread of Communism. I think that, with what happened to the Soviet Union and what’s happening in China now, that Communism is doomed. Essentially, any country willing to do business on the world stage has to at least have a modicum of democratic principles at work.


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