We are a small group from the United States, Canada, and the U.K. who feel strongly about the impact religion has in the world. The main purpose of this site is to provide counter-arguments to religious arguments. Religious groups have immense resources of apologetic arguing why they believe as they do, and we are just doing the same for ourselves.

Please take note of these issues if you choose to comment on the website our our Facebook page:

  • Some people misinterpret “Defense of Reason” to mean that we should always be uncritical, promote only compromising views, just agree with others, or always be polite and never irreverent. But that is not what we mean at all, nor would it make sense for us to act that way. To simply be a medium for people to voice any beliefs would not be a defense of reason at all. By “Reason”, we mean to “think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic”. This does not preclude opinion, emotion, or even ridicule.
  • No one has to visit our site or page unless they choose to do so. We are not pushing this page on anyone or going door-to-door to “spread the word”. We are here for atheists and people questioning their religion. We are not interested in entertaining your attempts to suppress our views according to a hypocritical double standard. And we are not preaching to the religious or to liberal moderates, but if they come to our page then we will talk with them.
  • We get people from time to time who are very angry and throw insults at us and claim that we are being intolerant and think we are “preaching atheism to the ignorant natives” and similar things. But remember that when you 1) come to our page and 2) insult us, then you are the aggressor in that situation going out to preach and attack.
  • Someone who complains without explaining or backing up their view is just trolling. And it is the same thing to pick out small parts of a post just to level a complaint that would have no basis if they had not cherry picked it to use as a straw man. This will be grounds for removal from the page because it is merely pain and waste of my time instead of being meaningful and productive.
  • We are not claiming atheism as some inherent religious truth. We do not advocate atheism for its own sake. What we care about is honest search for truth via critical consideration of evidence. I would rather become a Theist on the basis of reason and evidence, if that were where it lead me, than be an Atheist on the basis of fallacy and misinformation. If we thought there was actual logical evidence that supported the existence of a god or gods more than not, then we would support Theism (specifically whatever form of Theism the evidence demonstrated).
  • There are several ways people use the word “religion”. When I speak about religion I am referring to some principles of belief in a supernatural power. (I do not necessarily even include simple belief in the supernatural within this definition if such belief involves no real worship or associated principles) I clarify this because many people tend to use the word “religion” in such a road sense that the term is meaningless, and they often use that broad definition in order to call secular views “religious” so that the negative connotation of the word “religion”. The irony in doing that is that religion has a negative connotation due to the effects of dogmatic belief in the supernatural, so it’s illogical and manipulative to try to pass that negative connotation onto different concepts like science and evidence-based rationale.
  • The logo of the website is a Greek hoplite’s shield. I chose it because it represents a giant wall of defense which I thought fit the concept of the page since I attempt to provide responses as a defense of rationality against illogical thinking. Also the Greek states were among the first civilizations to have the sort of scientific progress, democratic government, and diversity of thought and debate which begin to characterize those modern ideals that I value and believe lead to a better world for everyone. When considering a logo for the website I thought about how in the original Cosmos, Carl Sagan spoke about how the ancient Greeks had determined the Earth was round, that the physical world we feel was made of tiny bits (atoms), that air was made of these tiny bits as well, and so on. Sagan attributed this partly to the way that Greek culture was largely decentralized, so more freedom of inquiry and a diversity of theories about nature and philosophy arose.
  • The image of Athena on the right side of the header of the site is there largely for aesthetic purposes but of course also relates to the Greek shield logo and the site’s arguments on the concept of gods. Furthermore, since she was the goddess of wisdom and war, the image of Athena has symbolic value for the site’s effort to defend reason and what I think are sensible conclusions in the same way that the United States uses the image of the goddess Libertas to symbolize freedom even though they do not believe that the goddess herself actually exists.

I hope you find the site interesting!

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