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    JoaquinCloset (@JoaquinCloset)

    Even though I have been an atheist for over half a century, from time to time I have still gone to church with people at their request (mostly funerals, weddings, confirmations, etc.). Without telling them I am atheistic, I have asked them questions almost very subject. Most, if not all, of these people cannot separate their religious belief from rational, critical or scientific thinking. The reasoning may surprise you. Most say that they go to church and/or believe in God mostly for their children’s edification. Furthermore, many say they believe the scientific “stuff” to the scientists…whatever that means.

    Bottom line, I think most people don’t want to be bothered or presented with anything smacking of critical thinking unless it has something to do with their job or to get them through the day. The less the better.

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      Hm, yeah that’s the sort of problem I worry about. Many people insist that religion and science are fully compatible but I see it as more of a gray scale because if you believe something, then well, you believe it. There is no difference to the believer between rational or presumed beliefs.

      Heck, I’m sure I have some as well, although I make a serious effort to avoid it (which is how I came to a lot of the conclusions that I now write about).

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