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    I’ve been around for awhile and, while I understand the presumptive need to educate people at every opportunity, it gets wearisome to explain or debate really, really basic stuff – things we all had the opportunity to learn in grade school. Although the debate was entertaining, to me it was akin to taking a short busload of special needs kids and indoctrinating them in 4th grade science. They evidently didn’t think it was valuable to them the first time around.

    Secondly, this who’ll thing goes way beyond science. What, are you going to do, question algebra as just some gibberish concocted by people like Descartes for his enjoyment? How about Western Political Theory? It’s just philosophical mumbo jumbo, no? IMHO I think cretinous creationists would jump at the chance to denounce most anything they didn’t understand, which branches out to mean most everything.


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