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    The new thing now is to say that no one dies until Jesus’ return and that hell is merely death and not hellfire.

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    Jeff Brooks

    Love the article. I’ve debated this before and theists will claim generation in context 🙂
    is a blanket term for all of man. Of course now that I’m aware of Luke 9:72, that’s a game changer.Thanks.

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    My favorite response to this challenge is that, because of the fig tree Jesus references in Matthew 24:32, he is “clearly” talking about the *present* generation of Israel when he says “this generation will certainly not pass away until…”

    Nevermind the other references to men standing their with him who would supposedly not die before the Second Coming. I guess the “correct” interpretation is always the one that leaves the possibility that the Bible’s predictions will come true.

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    Once again, I’m what’s wrong with the internet…

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    I went to a “born again” sect for a while. Their belief was that the “Kingdom Of God” was the “True” church which started on Pentecost when the Spirit came down on everyone. The second coming isn’t going to happen until their version of Christianity is accepted worldwide.


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