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    Your points are well thought out but kind of repetitive, but at least your logic’s consistent instead of circular.

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      Thank you for the feedback. I noticed that was a problem in my early drafts. I’ll look over it again and try to weed out anything unnecessary.

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    What I find funny is that people say that because a watch is so intricately designed, it must have a creator, therefore because we are complex, we must have been created; when complexity is not how we recognise design.

    We know that a watch must have a designer and a creator because we have evidence of people designing and making watches. You can go to a watchmaker and observe him making timepieces.

    If complexity is required for a creator to be involved, then by that logic, a small cube of wood does not have a creator because it is so simple.

    How we recognise design, and differentiate it from a natural occurance is that watches and buildings and cars have absolutely no means of reproducing naturally. We do not have two buildings getting it on and making a baby building which grows into a building large enough for someone to live in.

    Cars do not have sex and make baby cars. That’s ridiculous. They’d scratch the paintwork…

    Whereas conversely, dogs and birds and humans and fish and fungi and trees all have natural methods of reproduction. It is not required for someone to design and construct a fish or an insect out of natural resources like we do with clothes and magazines.

    And do you know what we DON’T have evidence for? Creatures just popping into existence from nowhere. Creationists slam evolution by saying “Oh well something can’t just come from nothing”………but isn’t that exactly what THEY believe happened…?

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      Those are good issues to raise. I especially love the bit about the buildings and cars haha. It’s a good point.

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      I think that is correct. It is what they believe.

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