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    Tim Myers

    That is very informative and I thank you for putting this together. I am always eager to learn and Hinduism is one subject I’m afraid I don’t know much about.

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    your first idea about hinduism is good… You cant understand this religion completely. What even believers do is try and understand what suits them best, an live according to the beliefs of what they make out f it. Im also studying this topic extensively, and all I could say was this is a religion created over thousands of years to give the benefits of the researches done by the religious sages to the more ignorant , but religious population. every belief and much of the traditions is based on a scientific reason. But as like what happen to anything over time, people forget to understand what it was meant for and blindly follows the words, deviate from the actual process over time, and most of the rituals now a days is just nothing better than stupid. But I think u should refer to ayurveda, which is the medical stream of hindu religion.. again its a vast subject in its own, but i feel if u learn some info about that, u can understand this topic of yours better. Best of luck

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    Hey Aaron,
    The article was very nice and well researched.
    Actually as a Hindu turned atheist, I personally think that our mythologies have a political origin rather than spiritual ones –
    If we consider the Aryan Invasion theory for India, they had a small pantheon of deities of which Indra was the most supreme. As the invasion progressed down south, they kept on assimilating local deities and Indra was eventually reduced to a weaker position.

    This is only one of the many theories that many people have come up.

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    You have missed a very important and daily practice of hindus that has become a vexing problem creating humanitarian crisis for 300 million in the subcontinent. The concept of caste and untouchability. Hinduism/Satan Dharma (Satan Dharma) is the worst religion/principle in the world. The spine of hinduism is caste, you cannot be a hindu unless you belong to a caste. Just as for Abrahamic religions you have to believe in Abraham or Jesus or Yahweh, hindus should believe and practice caste. The system is being practiced even today and is very strong and firm. The hindus you come across hush up caste issues as they all are(most) from ‘upper castes’ who come to america or even who tweets as it is they who are in a privileged position. You must visit India Atheist blogs to understand it thoroughly. And Buddhas teaching was against the very basic castiesm and hindu structure. Some of his teachings like non-violence and vegetarianism were then incorporated into hinduism. Buddhist monastaries were destroyed and thousand buddhists were killed to revive satanic dharma/hinduism.

    It does not matter if you are an atheist for hindus care about is birth. If you are born a brahmin, kshatriya etc the privileged class it does not matter if you are an atheist as long you do not condemn the scriptures or practices.

    Please check out these links for better understanding.

    Atheist killed by hindu fundamentalists

    Hindu terrorism


    – Explanation for origin of universe and mankind, skip to “Hymn of Purusa, the Cosmic Person”. Is there any text that degrades a section to explain origin of man.


    Gandhi killed by hindu fanatic

    RSS the fundamentalist hindu organization admires Nazi Hitler. RSS also responsible for Gandhi killing.

    Hand of a state (Gujrat) Chief Minister(CM, executive head) in anti-muslim riots.

    Gjurat CM denied entry to US for his role in the riots.

    The same man (Gujrat CM) is BJP’s (hindu right wing) PM candidate (executive of India)

    And this video exposing cruelty and stupidity of hindus:

    Let me know if you need more information on Sanatan/Satan Dharma or have any questions or concerns.

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      Archana (@Archana1207)

      Racism existed in Christian rooted society, does that mean Christianity supported Racism?
      People live and interpret religion, look at the specific texts theres no preaching of killing or segregation only enlightenment

    2. Aaron

      There is however some support in the text for several classifications of people, however it isn’t completely clear just how strict those classes were intended to be. See this link. If you’re familiar with the texts you might be able to know how accurate the translations are much better than myself of course: http://www.hinduism.co.za/newpage8.htm

      I am not an expert on Hinduism however, which is why I did not speak about the issue of castes in the article. I have tried to look into both sides of this and there doesn’t seem to be a clear conclusion to be reached regarding how responsible Hinduism itself is for creating or maintaining the caste system (as far as I have seen).

      Regarding Christianity though, there is considerable talk of division in the New Testament, including from Jesus’ own words, as well as killing of unbelievers (although this act is reserved to God), and condoning the practice of slavery.

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