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    You are correct, the Bible is just a book or even a novel like you describe it. You can read, throw it around, stand on it and even shred it to pieces. But my friend when you believe in the main character of this book, then the words has meaning and becomes alive in your heart. In here you can learn what it is to really live a life of fullness. The main character wants you to have a real relationship with Him. He is not going to hit with a stick or strike you with lightning bolt to turn you into a crispy critter. He wants you to love him (he loves you anyway, whether you love him or not). He can help you to enjoy life to the full. And you may think it is not logical, but he is alive and well and living in heaven. But because I believe in Him, he send his Spirit to live in my heart. His spirit tells me about Him, his goodness, his love, his kindness.

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      I have no doubt that you fully believe what you’re saying. But this review is just meant to point out the Bible’s poor writing and some of its theological problems in a somewhat humorous way. These things serve to point out some of the flaws in the Bible that in fact show why it is absurd to believe it is true. But of course there are many more reasons beyond what is stated just in this one article.

      What you are doing though, is just assuming that the book is all correct, while you don’t bother with other ones, or analyze this one the least bit critically. Your comment simply made statements about *what* you believe, but not any sound reason for *why* you believe it. You can believe whatever you want, but that doesn’t make it true. All we have to go on in any aspect of life is evidence and reason. If you toss those out the window then you are simply choosing beliefs arbitrarily and becoming lost in a fantasy world of your own making, which is not impressive to me. You have chosen to live in a fantasy, but I would like to have a more accurate understanding of these matters.

    2. 1.2


      “In here you can learn what it is to really live a life of fullness.”
      So if I don’t give away my mind to your specific viewpoint, I’ll never have a fulfilling life? There’s only one reply to ignorant high-horse declarations like that: go fuck yourself with something sharp. You are a perfect illustration of the stereotype of mindless judgemental sycophant, and you are the problem with the world.

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    I’m really in love with this post. Thanks for taking your time to post this because it really explains a lot to me. I have some questions though, it would be really nice if you could get in touch with me using my email. Thanks

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    Cornelia van der Walt

    Very cool review! I like the broad summary that covers the full plot, while you do not neglect mention of some smaller details.

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    Clarel Broudou

    I found this greaaaaat! Just what I thought myself. I was wondering as well that, people from ancient Greece and Rome had also their gods in which they firmly believe in; these gods proved untrue with time; what about the god in the Bibie; will He prove untrue in 2000 years?

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      The Greek and Roman gods have not been proved untrue. It’s impossible to 100% disprove any claim which has no condition as part of its description that would be able to prove it false (this is called being an “unfalsifiable claim”). The Christian god has no more evidence for it than any other ancient gods. It’s just a matter of belief. People just preferred the Christian god and the promises of Christianity so they adopted those beliefs (along with the violent force of Christian conquests and conversions). Actual evidence and proof had nothing to do with why people stopped believing in the gods of their own cultures. So it will take a long time and many cultural changes for people to stop believing in the Christian god. This process is already underway though. You can see how more people are becoming atheists, and more religious people are thinking of “God” in more abstract terms.

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    Good Review but the Bible is always the BIBLE :). Have you ask yourself why the Bible is that significant to other people and have touch a lot of heart? It’s because its the Bible :).

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      Alright.. I guess? To say ” the Bible is always the BIBLE” and “because its the Bible” are quite circular points which say nothing of any meaning or significance.

      However I *can* answer the question of why the Bible is so significant to so many people: it is because they mistakenly believe it – almost always because they were raised to believe in it from childhood – ignoring the severe problems in it which demonstrate that it is clearly a man-made mix of ideologies, delusions, authoritarian laws, cult practices, and attempts to build on old myths and traditions and feel better about death.

      To say that people find it so wonderful doesn’t mean that it isn’t actually absurd and terrible and false. People are simply indoctrinated, and they selectively ignore or justify the aspects of it that are asinine – resulting in them employing blatantly irrational arguments. Believing in the nonsense makes them feel better. But just believing in or liking something doesn’t make that thing logical, moral, or true. People in different parts of the world believe in different things at different points in history, and if the early adopters of the religion had chosen to add some other absurd texts like the Infancy Gospel of Thomas into the canon then you would be telling me how wonderful and touching to the heart that lunatic tale is too.

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    Curious GMPP

    My question to you is, why do Atheist seem so threatened by people believing something that they do not? Do we not all have the right and freedoms to believe what we choose? Why are Atheist so often posting about how stupid Christians are our beliefs but I have rarely, if ever, seen or heard those same people saying such things about other religions. Why do you think that is? Why are all the Atheist posts people that I see people sharing in social media anti-christian? Why not anti-budist, anti-muslim, anti-wiccan?? Are those religions more favorable?

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      We criticize religion for the same reasons that people criticize anything else: we think it is 1) factually incorrect and illogical 2) harmful. So while people have the *right* to believe something, we also, as a free people, reserve the necessary right to criticize bad ideas.

      Also, the reason you see atheists mostly criticizing Christianity is because we live in countries dominated by Christianity so that is the religion causing the most problems around us and which we see making the most arguments in favor of their beliefs, and which we see condemning non-believers and so on. (People who believe in mermaids and Wiccan-ism aren’t nearly as numerous or causing so many cultural problems so obviously we don’t bother talking about them) But we also recognize the flawed nature and harm done by other religions so I think that you will also find many atheists criticizing Islam. And if you search for Indian websites you will find Indian atheists debating and criticizing the problems within Hinduism since they are more exposed to that.

      As for Buddhism, yes it is favorable. It has its own flaws, but Buddhism is not a major problem in the world. It also has more practical advice and benefit than the other major religions. We aren’t just attacking religion because it is religion – we attack it in proportion to what we see as a particular doctrine’s logical and social flaws.

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