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    On point!!!

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    Nailed it. Thank you.

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    And here is where the problem lies with religion as a whole. An idea can be reasoned with. A belief straps a bomb to it’s chest and dies for it’s cause.

    I’m not knocking people of faith. We all have the right to believe in something but we need to acknowledge that these beliefs are really just ideas of a power greater than us. The moment we loose sight of that, we really can’t be considered a person of rational thinking and therefore can’t be rationed with and can’t be told differently.

    I find it very convenient that Christianity was kept out of the argument. There are forms of Christianity that treat women and children just as bad, if not worse. Let’s also not forget about the Christians that went around killing doctors.

    Humans are fallible, we are allowed to make mistakes and each of us has the right to think what we want to think and not be in fear of persecution for it.

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      In the discussion, Harris mentioned that liberals seem able to criticize Christianity but they draw the line at criticizing Islam. So I think the discussion was meant to be about the taboo among liberals of criticizing Islam specifically. (However, personally I think that many people also seem very opposed to criticizing Christianity as well. They insist on pretending that the doctrines in the holy texts are all good and are not responsible for any of the problems we see in devout Christian communities. So in my opinion, many liberals oppose criticizing any religion – they just also throw around accusations of “racism” when Islam is discussed.

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    When Bill Maher says that Islam is the only religion that acts like the mafia and will fucking kill you, is he talking about muslims or is he talking about ideas?

    Also yes religion is not race but people use the term racism interchangeably with bigotry. If you substitute Affleck using bigoted instead of racist, what he says is not unreasonable and makes sense.

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      It absolutely would not make sense. It would still be mixing up “all people who identify as Muslim regardless of how much they adhere to the texts or ideology” versus “the holy texts and ideology”, which is the issue I was pointing out.

      Also, Affleck said it was “racism” even after Harris explained how people incorrectly conflate criticism of an ideology with all “Muslims”. Affleck did not say it in response to Maher saying “Islam is the only religion that acts like the mafia and will fucking kill you”, as you claimed. Maher may have said that elsewhere, but that was not what he was directly responding to. He, like many people, use the “racism” and “bigotry” accusation over *any* and all criticism of Islamic holy texts or ideology. Such use of those accusations is completely insane.

      Islam is the religion built upon the words of the Prophet Muhammad, including the Quran and the hadiths. These are holy texts that say God does not love unbelievers, and that only the “unjust” deny God’s revelations, that homosexuality is “obscene”, and that it is legal to kill a Muslim for leaving Islam. That is what it says in those texts. Anyone who would actually agree with them should be condemned as mad and dangerous and hateful by liberals (thankfully though, millions of Muslims also half arse their religious life like many other people and ignore these texts in favor of more universal, secular beliefs that are disjointed from the texts of the religion to which they claim to be part. This does not mean that Islam is good – it means that less Islam is better).

      But instead, many liberals today attack the people who criticize those ideas! This is an absurd situation. It is a bizarre trend among many people who claim to be liberals and progressives where they put their fingers in their ears and excuse anything that is part of a religion simply because it is a “religion”. That makes anything perfect and harmless and unquestionable to them, and it brings out of them severe knee-jerk reactions and accusations against anyone who applies the same criticism against Islam as they apply against any other bad ideas.

      (And those doctrines have effects on people. According to Pew Research, “In the Middle East-North Africa region, medians of more than half favor strict criminal penalties (57%) and the execution of those who convert from Islam to another faith (56%).” And in the same region, *93%* say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong. You can see the full results by reading the report: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society. There are plenty of polls out there to view on the opinions of religious groups, and the views of Muslims, like devout Christians reveal that far too many of them hold disturbing beliefs that are directly supported in their religious books)

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    Fantastic piece, very simply put though I still suspect you will be spoken of as a bigot, as I and many others are. Please check out my blog as I write on similar topics (I recently did a semi viral open letter to Reza Aslan after the Bill Maher incident. If this avatar does not link to my blog – just search for ‘an open letter to Reza aslan – jordan francis patrick smith’

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      Thank you! Also feel free to post articles that you think are relevant on our facebook page (in comments or wall, etc). I’m happy to support other blogs.

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